Our Team

We are Greentom, and we like to keep life simple.

Greentom was founded in 2013 and aims to create a green tomorrow ever since. We come from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds that range from start-ups to multinationals both nationally and internationally. As unique as we are individually, we all share a mutual passion for sustainability and designing smart and functional products for everyday life.

Let’s create a green tomorrow!

Maarten Wellens

Managing Director

Floor Wellens

Marketing & Communications Director

Roger Scheffer

New Business Director

Guillaume Smitsmans

Sales Director

Myrthe van Enckevort

Supply Chain & Operations Manager

Britt van der Heijden

Customer Care Specialist

Jordy Hollands

Product Engineer

Simone Daemen

Online Marketing Specialist

Susie Jae

E-Commerce Specialist

Veronique de Jong

Graphic Designer

Guido Tossens

Warehouse Specialist

Hanson Zou

Warehouse Specialist

Liao Fuchang

Quality Control Specialist